Avoid Expensive Roof Repair from Winter Storms

The debate regarding climate change aside, there is no denying that winter storms are fierce. Places where storms were few and minor are experiencing storms bringing record amounts of snowfall, large hail, and high winds. People living in areas that always experienced long and hard winters are now seeing temperatures drop below zero and stay there for extended periods. Winter storms can cost building owners thousands of dollars in roof repairs.

Removing Snow and Ice Is Dangerous

Unless owners know how to properly remove snow and have all the tools and safety equipment, attempting to remove snow and ice from a roof is dangerous. The ladder can slide on the ice at the top or bottom and fall, leaving people stranded on the roof. Slipping off the roof due to snow and ice is a real possibility as well.

Using a shovel will damage shingles, getting the shovel caught will damage gutters, and tossing rock salt on the roof will damage shingles. Do a search for roof repair near me and select one of the roofing contractors among the results. Do not risk personal injury and higher repair costs when professionals, such as those at arvada roofing, can clear the roof at affordable pricing.

Not Just the Roof

Damage from improper or incomplete snow and ice removal will not just cause damage to the roof. Gutters and downspouts will get blocked, dented, heavy, and separate from the house if encumbered by excess snow and ice. The snow will begin to leak into the insulation, siding, walls, and windows. The thawing and re-freezing cycle will cause major damage before the leaking is noticed.

By the time winter is finally over, the extent of damage can be catastrophic. Costs will be enormous, and the integrity of the structure may even be compromised. Consult an experienced roof repair company before the winter season begins and discuss the care required to protect the roof.

What to Expect

A free assessment will be completed to determine the current condition of the roof, and recommendations will be made regarding any repairs to be made or precautions to be taken. A plan for snow removal after major storms is a wise way to prolong the life of the roof and avoid damage to the rest of the building. That may entail snow removal at a specific depth, inspection of the roof when the temperature goes below zero, or removal of snow and ice on a monthly basis if the snowfall is less than anticipated.


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